Board of Trustees


Field’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the school’s well-being. It ensures that the school remains true to its core values and its mission: Self-Discovery. Skills of Mind. Generosity of Heart. And it is entrusted with the school’s financial health, its long-term planning, and its viability for future generations of students. 
The Board is self-perpetuating, which means that following the practice of most fellow members of the National Association of Independent Schools, the Board chooses its future members. They are chosen based on their skills, their demonstrated commitment to Field, their willingness to invest the time and effort required, and their diversity of perspective. Currently, 18 members of Field’s community serve as Trustees. They are parents of current and former Field students, Field alumni, and friends of Field. There are two ex officio, non-voting members, the Head of School and the President of the Field Parents Association. A regular Board member serves for a three-year term, which can be renewed. 
The Board of Trustees meets, as a whole, at least seven times per year. Also, the Board participates in regular retreats to learn more about specific aspects of the school and delving more deeply into large issues facing Field and all schools today. Trustees also regularly participate in Field events such as athletic events, assemblies, arts performances, school celebrations, and advancement events.
The Trustees handle most of their work through standing committees and other committees that are formed as necessary to meet its responsibilities to the school. Currently, there are eight committees: the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Governance Committee, the Development Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the DEI Committee, and the Head Evaluation and Compensation Committee. In these committees, the Board draws on the expertise, input, and time of administrators, faculty, staff, and parents, as necessary. 
The Board is responsible for selecting, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School. However, it entrusts the Head of School with all the daily operations of the school. The Head supervises all programs and personnel and is the final arbiter of disputes that arise, including all matters involving parents, employees, students, teaching, curriculum, and disciplinary actions. While the Head may, and does, seek Trustee advice as necessary, decisions about the daily operation of the school sit solely with the Head of School.

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

List of 19 items.

  • Will Pecau

    Parent '18, '20
    Board Term: May 2017
  • Paula Anderson

    Parent '22
    Employment: PACE Consulting
    Board Term(s): May 2017
  • Ryan Katz

    Parent '18, '19, '21, '23
    Employment: Route 66 Ventures
    Board Term(s): May 2015
  • Amy Howe

    Parent '21 Employment: Journalist
    Board Term(s): May 2017–June 2018 (ex officio)
  • Andy Altman

    Parent '22, '25
    Employment: Five Squares Development
    Board Term(s): May 2018
  • Helen Cymrot '95

    Class of '95
    Parent '23, '25
    Employment: Lincoln Towers
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Michael Freedman

    Parent '08
    Employment: Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman
    Board Term(s): May 2006-May 2012
  • Laura Hogan '92

    Class of '92
    Employment: Pelican Consulting
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Sandi Jordan

    Parent '22
    Employment: Sanofi-Genzyme
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Sam Klausner '07

    Class of '07
    Employment: Klausner & Company
    Board Term(s): May 2020
  • Mike Lenard '04

    Class of '04
    Employment: Takorean
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Cecilia Lewis

    Parent '18
    Employment: Marriott International
    Board Term(s): May 2018
  • Nancy Mellon

    Employment: River School
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Ali Muhammad

    Parent '20
    Employment: United States Department of Agriculture
    Board Term(s): May 2018-May 2019 (ex officio)
  • Oliver Nicholas '01

    Class of '01
    Employment: Independent
    Board Term(s): May 2018
  • Cinthia Rozanski

    Parent '22
    Board Term(s): May 2019
  • Elizabeth Savage

    Ex officio
    FPA President
    Parent '23, '25
    Board Term(s): May 2020
  • Lori Strauss

    Ex officio
    Parent '23, '25
    Employment: The Field School, Head of School
    Board Term(s): May 2020
  • Nelson Torres

    Parent '20
    Employment: Smithsonian Institute
    Board Term(s): May 2020