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Students choose between 58 teacher-led academic electives and 44 student-designed clubs. Learn more about our current elective offerings below.

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  • 20th/21st Century African American Comedy

    This elective looks at the critical impact of Black comedians on mainstream culture in the United States.
  • African American Television and Sitcom

    Students will learn about the history and evolution of Black actors and actresses, shows, and films.
  • Art for the Novice

    Students new to 2D art or simply with a passion for the topic have an opportunity to explore their creativity.
  • Art Room

    This elective provides an opportunity for students currently enrolled in 2D art to spend additional time working in the studio.
  • Avatar (the Last Airbender) and Exploring Eastern Thought

    This elective takes a deep dive into the show "Avatar: the Last Airbender" to examine how the show represents Eastern thought.
  • Bienvenue en Français

    Students have the opportunity to learn elementary French through conversation, film, and delicious French culture.
  • Bookmaking and Crafts

    Students will try out numerous forms of craft in this wide-ranging elective, including embroidery, calligraphy, tie-dye, and jewelry.
  • Ceramics Studio

    This elective provides an opportunity for students currently enrolled in ceramics and 3D art to spend additional time working in the studio.
  • Ciao Field School!

    Students have the opportunity to learn practical Italian conversation skills, examine Italian culture, and study the experience of Italian Americans.
  • Clay and Glaze Chemistry

    Students can learn about the science of glazes and clays while creating unique artistic creations.
  • Coding and Robotics

    This elective introduces students to coding as a language and helps them apply their coding skills to robotic projects.
  • Converse with Albanian Artists

    Students have the opportunity to learn elementary Albanian by studying the music and history of this Mediterranean gem.
  • Creative Writing

    Students experiment with the wide range of creative written expression, including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama, ultimately producing a portfolio of amazing work.
  • Darkroom Photography

    This elective provides an opportunity for students currently enrolled in photography to spend additional time working in the darkroom.
  • Discover DC

    Students will investigate the not-so-famous folks and neighborhoods that surround our nation's capital.
  • Environment in the News

    Students will dig into the science behind recent news, trends, and findings about the environment and to explore possible solutions to environmental issues.
  • Exercise and Understanding the Human Body

    Students will participate in several types of workout routines, learn proper technique and form, and design workout plans to meet their fitness goals.
  • Feminism and How to be a Woman

    This course aims to provide a supportive and collaborative space for students to both challenge sexism and gender discrimination and to celebrate difference.
  • Field Music "Collective"

    This elective creates a performance ensemble of interested musicians that will perform a wide range of music.
  • Field Music "Selective"

    This elective creates a performance ensemble of Field's most experienced musicians that will perform a wide range of music.
  • Field News

    This elective gives budding journalists a chance to serve as reporters, photographers, and editors of Field's very own newspaper.
  • Film Studies

    This elective helps students appreciate, analyze, and critique the world's greatest art form: cinema!
  • GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

    This student-led elective explores contemporary and historical issues around gender and sexuality and encourages community activism.
  • Historical Project Runway

    This elective gives students a chance to analyze fashion movements from history and use that knowledge to create garments for today.
  • History and Philosophy of Science

    This course explores the intersection of science and culture and the ways science has often reinforced colonial knowledge systems.
  • History and Practice of Craft Arts of Appalachia

    Students learn about the history of Appalachian art by practicing a wide range of traditional folk crafts.
  • It's Only Rock 'n Roll but I Like It! The History of Rock Music

    Students will explore the origins and evolution of rock n' roll through genres, bands, and songs, and rock out to lots of music along the way.
  • LGBTQ+ Films: From Subtext to Text

    Students view modern film representation of LGBTQ+ characters and analyze the effects of representation on communities.
  • Linguistics and the History of Language

    This elective explores why distinct languages developed, how phrases are coined, and even what constitutes a language.
  • Magical Realism in Fiction and Film

    Students and teachers will choose texts and film and engage in creative writing and projects to explore the worlds within our own world.
  • Middle School Mark

    Students will report on what is happening at Field, then write and edit a community-focused news magazine.
  • Middle School Math Olympiad

    This elective turns math into a fun competition as the students work as a group to solve challenging puzzles and learn strategies for problem solving.
  • Model United Nations

    This student-led elective offers leadership opportunities in international relations through mock conferences, public debate, and written argumentation.
  • Naturalists and Nature Writing

    This elective takes students into the great outdoors to inspire observation and journaling about the natural world.
  • Nihongo!Ikimashou! Japanese Language and Culture (US)

    Students have the opportunity to learn elementary Japanese speaking and writing skills, history and religion, and modern artistic expression.
  • Personal Learning Project: Humanities

    This elective offers students a space to pursue a passion project of their choice through art, music, or writing.
  • Photography for the Novice

    Students new to photography have an opportunity to explore fun approaches to basic black and white photography.
  • Poetry Writing Lab

    This elective allows beginner and experienced poets alike a chance to experiment and tinker with various poetic forms and give one another feedback on the process.
  • Public Speaking

    This elective equips students with an understanding of rhetoric and builds their confidence in public expression.
  • Reading and Writing Children's Books

    Students will analyze the gamut of children's books before writing, illustrating, and printing their own to share.
  • Relativity and Cosmology

    Students will investigate the origins of black holes, the age of the universe, and the concept of space-time.
  • Screenwriting and Moviemaking

    Students will learn the basics of screenplay, character building, and story structure before writing fully filmable movies of their own.
  • SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Committee)

    This student-led elective offers leadership opportunities in diversity, equity, and inclusion at Field and explores ways to help all students feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Social Activism: How Do We Enact Change?

    Students will become changemakers in this elective, selecting a local, national, or international issue with which to build and carry out a plan for change.
  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Students will learn how to use business strategies to impact societal good and ultimately design a business model as a team.
  • Spanish Introduction

    Students have the opportunity to learn elementary Spanish through readings, music, and colorful Spanish culture.
  • Sports Analytics

    Students will learn how sports fans, players, and teams use statistics and math to better understand their sport and make decisions based on data.
  • Spy Thrillers: Behind the Scenes at the CIA

    Students will dive deep in the Gibson Vaughn series of spy thrillers written by a former Field faculty member.
  • STEM Lab

    Students will play and solve scientific and engineering problems using a variety of tools, including 3D printing.
  • Supreme: Understanding American Constitutional Law

    Students will study the Constitution, major areas of Constitutional jurisprudence (free speech, equal protection, executive power, etc), and engage in judicial simulations.
  • Tanoshimi Nihongo Japanese Language and Culture (MS)

    Students have the opportunity to learn elementary Japanese speaking and writing skills, and share interests in modern Japanese culture.
  • The American Road: Traveling America & "The Road" as Metaphor

    This elective uses the metaphor of the "American road" to explore the way ideas of reinvention, escape, and travel have shaped the cultural myths of America.
  • The Bible: Truth? Myth? Both? Neither?

    This elective allows students to explore the Bible from a historical-critical lens in order to understand its meaning to its original audience and its implications for today.
  • The Educated Consumer

    This elective introduces students to a wide variety of consumer topics like credit, fashion, shopping, and fair wages to provide practical knowledge for today's purchasers.
  • The Most Important (and Delicious) Dish That I Know! (Spanish Heritage Cuisine)

    Students will better understand the strong connection between food and culture by researching famous Spanish dishes and preparing their own.
  • Theater Troupe

    Students will take part in every element of putting on a show, from design to directing, acting to tech work, and everything in between.
  • U.S. Latinx Narratives of Awakening

    This elective uses stories from a wide range of Latinx American populations to examine complex topics like identity, bilingualism, and code-switching.
  • Vocal Coaching

    This elective offers in-depth tools and personal coaching for singers and public speakers alike seeking to improve their vocal projection and musical phrasing.


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