We have all experienced “Wonder” in our lives, something beautiful and unexpected that leaves us feeling a sense of awe. At The Field School, our students experience wonder when their curiosity transforms into questions that propel them to seek answers, understand the possibilities and discover solutions. 

The world students live in today and will lead tomorrow is globally interconnected and changing rapidly with technological advances and world discoveries. Along with independent thinking, students need communication and collaboration skills at an early age to successfully and creatively navigate the challenges and opportunities they will face throughout their lives.

Intersession allows students to practice critical life and career skills such as:
  • Identifying and reflecting on personal interests
  • Setting goals and learning strategies to achieve them
  • Collaborating effectively as part of a team
  • Developing empathy through meaningful experience beyond the school
  • Developing communication skills to connect with people, communities, and organizations beyond the school
  • Using evidence to identify and define needs and propose solutions to real-world problems. 
Immersive Courses
During the two-week Intersession program, Field School facilitated courses partner groups of students with local businesses and organizations to immerse students in relevant, real-world problem solving and skill-building. These courses provide students with the same relevant, real-world experience and career exposure our internship program is known for but with additional guidance and scaffolding from the co-teachers. These courses are designed to build students’ problem-solving skills, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Please see the 2022 Intersession Catalog to learn more about specific course descriptions and projects. 

The Field School’s Internship program began in the 1970s and continues to be a vital opportunity for students to develop networking, professional communication, and career skills. Upper school students can choose to spend the two weeks during Intersession in “the field” as interns with businesses or organizations. The DMV metropolitan area and beyond become our classrooms: art centers, engineering firms, television and radio stations, hospitals, law, and congressional offices, colleges, schools, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and more. 

Field maintains a list of partner organizations offering internships each year and we also assist students in finding new opportunities. Through our elective class programming, we have time built into each intern’s schedule so that dedicated faculty members can support and guide students in both securing and preparing for their internships. As part of each internship, students and hosts together design an intern project that uses research, critical thinking, solution design, or creativity to benefit the host organization. Through landing and completing internships with a partner organization, students learn about different career options, gain new skills, confront new challenges, build confidence, and learn about themselves and how they can impact the world. 


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