Pedagogy and Practices

The Field curriculum is skill-based and student-focused—it asks students to master the skills of mind necessary for success in college and beyond: critical thinking, writing, discussion, analysis, and problem-solving. These core skills are developed through our integrated studies model. Differentiation and attention to the unique learning profile of all of our students allows us to challenge students to master both content and skills.
Field is designed with students in mind:

With a median class size of 11 students, our student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1. Every student receives individualized, focused attention, and small class sizes allow teachers to know and to nurture each student based on their strengths and stretches.

Students bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to our classrooms. Teachers encourage every student to share in a true, collaborative dialogue. Each student's intellectual and personal identity is embraced and fostered through our inclusive curriculum.

Field teachers are hired for their education, experience, and character. Our team includes a rich cross-section of veteran and developing professionals, with many faculty members teaching more than one discipline. Small class sizes allow Field teachers to collaborate, inspire, and support each individual student, serving as role models, cheerleaders, coaches, and mentors.