Advisors track students' academic, social, and emotional progress while also serving as advocates, mentors, facilitators, and coaches. Advisory Groups will remain together for the entirety of the year. Advisors are responsible for connecting students to the school community, helping students stay on top of their academics, and assisting students in setting both academic and personal goals, as well as communicating with home. 


At Field, we believe that all students are unique learners and deserve an academic experience that meets their individual needs. Our small class size and dedicated teachers design individualized instruction to accommodate students' strengths and areas of challenge. For students who have significant learning differences, our Academic Support Services Coordinator will work with the teachers and families to ensure that they get the supports they need to be successful at Field.


Our school counselor and consulting psychologist provide nonjudgmental support in negotiating the varied aspects of teen life and the student experience. They provide time and space for supportive conversation, problem solving, and help with coping skills. Counselors also work directly with faculty to ensure students thrive at Field. 

While the counseling professionals are trained and licensed, we do not offer ongoing psychotherapy. Meeting with a counselor is not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy with a licensed mental health practitioner. The student support department prioritizes maintaining a robust network in order to help students and families find a therapist, agency, or program to more fully meet their needs.