Parents Association

The Field Parents Association (FPA) builds community among parents through engagement with each other and the school–all in support of Field’s mission. Consisting of a President, Vice President, Class Parents, Annual Fund co-chairs, and Annual Fund Class Representatives, the FPA builds engagement among parents and the community at large.  It also encourages fellow parents to support the school by volunteering in various ways and giving to the Annual Fund. All parents of currently enrolled students are members

If you are interested in getting involved through volunteering, please contact our Advancement Team. 

FPA Committees

List of 6 items.

  • Welcome Committee

    Greet new families with phone calls/emails/Zoom/in-person meetings and act as an ongoing point of contact for new families.
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Committee

    Coordinate the “Community Gift” to provide winter holiday and end of school year monetary gifts for teachers. Coordinate 3 non-monetary events expressing appreciation for school faculty and staff.
  • Sunshine Committee

    Provide “sunshine” to families in need by coordinating meal deliveries, flowers, cards, etc.
  • Community Service Committee

    Organize an event for parents/families to provide help where needed in our DMV community.
  • Nominating Committee

    Appoint VP, Class Parents, Annual Fund Representative, and Committee Chairs for the following school year. Led by FPA President, VP, Annual Fund Co-Chair, and Staff Liaison.
  • Parents Council of Washington Liaisons

    Attend PCW Orientation Event and any other events of interest. Inform Field School Liaison about events of interest to the Field School population. Encourage Field to spread the word about these events.

FPA Events

The FPA builds community among parents through school events and grade-level social gatherings, along with encouraging fellow parents to support the school by donating to the Annual Fund and volunteering in various ways. 

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  • Coffee/Lunch with Lori

    Casual morning events throughout the year with the Head of School, Lori Strauss.
  • Speaker Series

    To encourage and facilitate deeper understanding of Field’s philosophy, vision, and daily work, the FPA presents evening Speaker Series events featuring panels and discussions about Field’s student-centered approach.
  • Grade level social gatherings

List of 2 members.

  • KC Cassell 

    Director of Advancement
  • Suzanne Brown 

    Senior Advancement Associate