The Field Fund

The Field Fund is Field's first philanthropic priority each year. 

The Field School is grounded in the dignity of each person; every voice is heard. We know that we are stronger when we join together to work towards a common goal. We invite you to join our community and add your voice to support our students in a transformative educational experience. Your participation elevates our school community. Philanthropy augments a student's Field education by deepening educational opportunities and co-curricular activities. Creating a culture of philanthropy—where families step forth to support Field through The Field Fund volunteering, and engagement—makes our community stronger. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Field's strength comes from our shared commitment to Field's core values and the personal investment of everyone in the community to support and steward our school.

The support of the Field’s parents, alumni, and friends is vitally important to our school's ability to remain nimble and adapt to the needs of our students. Please give as generously as possible to support our work in and out of the classroom.
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The Field Fund FAQs

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  • Why does Field ask for a contribution in addition to tuition?

    Tuition alone does not fully cover the cost of a Field education. Charitable donations beyond tuition support key programs that make Field an exceptional school and make a Field education accessible to any academically qualified student, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. In 2021-2022, the difference between tuition and the full cost of education per student was $3,322. Philanthropy bridges and provides an opportunity for all families to give at a level that is comfortable and meaningful to them. Philanthropy also supports the multitude of student experiences available at Field including Intersession, athletics, and performing arts. 
  • Why not raise tuition to cover operating expenses?

    We strive to keep tuition increases minimal so that our tuition remains competitive. We want to maintain socioeconomic diversity in our student body and seek additional revenues through charitable contributions to maintain a reasonable tuition structure. A diverse student body is integral to and enriches the Field educational experience. 
  • Are there ways to give beyond The Field Fund?

    In the past, families have made additional sponsorship gifts at our Dare To Be Field spring event and other gifts to support special projects. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss making larger, targeted gifts to areas of interest.
  • How much and when should I give?

    Every gift matters and is greatly appreciated. Gifts of all sizes help us to meet our goals of providing a transformative education to every Field student. Tuition is a significant investment, and we know that every family's financial situation differs. We ask that families make a meaningful gift that captures your passion for Field and your ability to give. We invite families to make a pledge or gift by December 31 and pay by June 30, the close of our fiscal year. Contributions to The Field Fund can be made annually or set up as an electronic monthly contribution.
  • How are the Field Fund dollars spent?

    The Field Annual Fund supports all aspects of a Field education, including financial aid, faculty support and professional development, and programs that support our students and our school’s mission.
  • Can I contribute through planned giving?

    Yes! Name The Field School in your will or add a simple amendment.
    You can give a specific amount or a percentage of your estate
    Name The Field School as a beneficiary of your:
    • Retirement or savings account
    • IRA
    • Life insurance policy
    • 401(k) or 403(b)